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Canadian Registry for Public Accountability newsletter

Sex charges linked to Children's Aid Society (CAS) foster homes

(Nov 9, 2012)
Three former Children's Aid foster parents in Prince Edward County in Ontario have been charged with sex crimes against foster children.

The historical cases involve three female complainants and allegations of sexual assault and child pornography dating back nine years.

Prince Edward OPP Constable Kim Guthrie said those charged are no longer foster parents but the charges stem from their time serving the Children's Aid Society of Prince Edward.

New self help guide for persons who have had their names placed in Ontario's Child Abuse Registry

To all readers

Many parents and spouses who have been involved with the Children's Aid Society in Ontario complain about their lives being destroyed as a result of their name being placed into the Child Abuse Registry for Ontario. Often their names are placed into the Registry by over-zealous CAS workers who do not conduct a proper investigation. In most cases, the CAS workers are working in violation to the law themselves by not being registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers.

Guide for minors to write their own affidavits to the courts

Many young persons under the age of 18 complain about not being properly heard by the courts and often their court appointed children's lawyer will refuse to report their wishes and preferences to the court. This new document which is under development by a committee of volunteers gives helpful information for those under the age of 18 on how to prepare an effective affidavit to submit to a court on their own. Contains an explanation of what an affidavit it, how to get it witnessed, how it is served, etc. This document also contains a couple of sample affidavits written by teens.

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