04 - Canadian Lawyers Survey

This survey is to gather reliable statistics from persons who have had good or bad experiences with lawyers in Canada with whom they have paid for services from their own resources. Those who have been pleased with the services provided by a lawyer are encouraged to share their experience about their lawyer so that others will know which lawyers are known for doing a good job for their clients.

Viewers please note that this survey is currently under construction and is for viewing and comment only at this time. All data entered on the survey form at this time will be lost. If you have suggestions for additional questions then please contact us through the contact form.

$ per hour
Complaints to the Law Society about the lawyer

Fill in the following basic information about the child protection agency you had dealings with during the time period which you have indicated you were involved. Time period can go back 50 years from today's date. Note that most fields are required. If you had dealings with more than one child protection agency at the same time or over different time periods, then fill out a separate survey forms for each agency and the applicable time periods.