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Step #1 - Please select from the list below the category that most clearly identifies the activity of the person whose name you want to enter in the Registry and then press the "next" link at the bottom of the list. Only those providing services in Canada will be approved for registering on this site.
Judge, Justice of the Peace of any level of court up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada.
Includes (1) any member of the Law Society in any province who provides legal services to any party or is employed by any organization such as a child protection agency, (2) Any lawyer who provides arbitration or mediation services between parties, (3) Any lawyer who acts as a Crown Attorney or Prosecuting Attorney) on behalf of the Government, (4) Any lawyer who acts in the capacity of a court appointed children's lawyer and is paid for by the government.
Court System Support Worker (Under construction) Includes (1) Court Reporters at courthouses, (2) Court reporters who provide any similar service relating to legal proceedings such as tribunals or at verbatim reporting services, (2) Court Supervisors, (3) Clerks at Courthouses.
Includes (1) any worker who works with families and is employed by a child protection agency, (2) the Executive Director of any child protection agency, (3) any supervisory or management staff at a child protection agency, (4) anyone providing supervised access on behalf of a child protection agency
Includes (1) anyone who is employed as a foster parent, (2) anyone who is employed in a group/treatment home facility caring for children under the supervision of a child protection agency.
Psychologist/Psychiatrist (under construction) Includes anyone who carries the designated title of psychologist or psychiatrist and who provides custody/parenting assessments, mental health assessments.
Child Custody/Parenting Assessor (Under construction) Includes (1) anyone who conducts child custody or parenting assessment but who IS NOT a registered psychologist or psychiatrist, (2) Anyone who provide assessment services as part of the services of a children's lawyer.
Women's Shelter worker (Under construction) Includes anyone who is employed by or is part of the staff of a women's shelter.
Includes (1) any teacher (2) Any principal of a school, (3) Members of the Board of Directors for the School Board, (4) any staff or administrative staff at a school or school board
Includes (1) anyone who is employed as a police officer for any local, provincial or national police force (RCMP or CSIS), (2) Any officer who is part of the security at a courthouse AND who is part of the local police force.
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