Helpful Links

The following are links to public and/or private organizations supporting families and helping to promote accountability and transparency in Canada. These links are for educational purposes only and are not to be considered as endorsements for any of the organizations listed.

Canada Court Watch

Dufferin Voca

Canadian Children's Rights Council

Ontario Coalition for Accountabilty

Fathers Are Capable Too (FACT)

Fathers and Families

CAS Ontario Voices Silenced By Fear

After Foster Care Council of Canada

Protecting Canadian Children

The following are links to websites about injustices against Canadians

A Father's Nightmare - The Story of injustice by York Region Children's Aid Society and York Regional Police

The Dirty Lawyer Registry

The Legal Mafia

Occupy the Courts

Legally Kidnapped Blogspot

Parental Alienation Syposium
Information about Parental Alienation

Goldberg and Associates - PAS consultants
Goldberg and Associates provides information and services relating to Parental Alienation