Find out if your Social Worker is Registered with OCSWSSW

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Re: Find out if your Social Worker is Registered with OCSWSS

Postby white_cub_tiger_7671 » Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:07 pm

hi well i can and know for a fact that half of the workers in the St.Catharines F.A.C.S office is not registered with the OCSWSSW why they are not is beyound me but i think it should be mandatory that they be registered if they are not then they should get a big fine or make it that this happin . second of all i think that they should take anger management courses and parenting courses because of the way they treat other parents that are not workers just stay at home parents because i know im a stay at home parent of 5 kids the oldest is 17 15 13 13 7 and wow i can tell ya that these workers should grow up and smell what the kids are doing today.
i can name all the workers ever involved with me and i did put them in the register thing and known of them are registered
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